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This number is the BASE DAMAGE (ATK) of a creature (with which it will face another creature). This will be ENHANCED when you use ENERGY in combat. Each ENERGY multiplier will multiply the ATK x2.
  • For example. We attack with this card that has 6 ATK, and we use 3 ENERGIES. Our
    card will receive a multiplier of 3 to its number, i.e., 6+(6x3) = 24.
  • Our card will enter the battlefield with 24 CORE POWER . It will WIN if the enemy card has 23 Total (POWER) or less. However, if the enemy has more than 24, we will lose.
  • Power before abilities has been applied are called CORE POWER and after all abilities has been applied its called TOTAL POWER which decides the winner of that round
Attack and Power