Underground Waifus is a multiplayer TCG (Trading Card Game) based on a cyberpunk universe, focused on a very specific vertical: Waifus in a post-apocalyptic future.

One of the main sources of innovation is that it proposes a circular economy model that combines F2P (Free to Play) and P&E (play and earn) business models with the tokenized economy.

The universe of Underground Waifus takes place in the future, corrupted by the scarcity of materials, money: stardust, and the desire for power. An eternal war between different races and more than 9 factions.

The TCG is focused on a competitive side, with an easy player-driven economy: PVP (player vs. player) battles, and the player who wins takes it all.

The use of blockchain technology and assets in fungible or non-fungible tokens (NFT) empower the concept of TCG and digital collecting, with a limited supply of collections and future new limited collections on the different known blockchains that are annexed to the project. Players are the holders of the assets, either for mere collecting or playing, and can generate value for their invested time.

A multichain game with no barriers to entry and hybrid F2P and P2E for all players!

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