Underground Waifus introduces a new and exciting deck system that offers more variety and customization options to enhance your gaming experience. With the new version of Underground Waifus F2P (Free to Play), users can create four different types of decks, each tailored to different factors like card type and scholarship. This document provides an overview of the four deck types available:

W3 DECKS (Web3 Decks)

W3 decks are designed for NFT card owners. These decks exclusively contain NFT cards, which are cards bought on the web. NFT cards can also be rented and upgraded.

  • Compatibility: It's important to note that W3 decks are not supported in the Steam version of Underground Waifus.

F2P DECKS (Free to Play)

F2P decks consist of free cards that can be obtained via the in-game shop using GOLD currency, which is Underground Waifus' internal currency. Note: These cards cannot be traded or rented, and they are not NFTs. Gamepass mode cannot be played with F2P cards.

Paid card decks are created using cards purchased from the in-game shop through in-app purchases with real-world currency (e.g., USD). These cards are also non-NFT cards.

  • Minting Option: Paid cards have the unique feature of being convertible into NFTs using the Underground Waifus Vault system. Once these cards are minted, they become normal NFTs and can be added to W3 decks.


Rented card decks are a special type of deck connected with the UGW scholarship system. When a user rents cards (decks), they will appear in this deck type.

  • Restrictions: Rented decks cannot be edited or deleted, and they are considered fixed deck types.

The new Underground Waifus deck system offers a range of options for players, whether you have NFT cards, free-to-play cards, or paid cards. This system allows you to customize your decks according to your card collection and preferences. Enjoy the flexibility and variety that this system brings to your Underground Waifus gameplay!

3 Designing differentiation within the same app based on the type of deck chosen (Free, Paid, or NFT)


  • In the deck creation menu, users can choose the type of deck they want to play with (Free, Paid, rented, or NFT).

  • Free deck type will have its own starting cards, with Free decks having a basic set of cards, Paid decks, and NFTs decks depending on if the user has those cards.

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