The Underground Waifus Energy System plays a crucial role in the game and is applicable to all deck types. Here are the key aspects of the energy system:

  • Energy Points: Each player starts with 10 energy points.


  • Modes: Players can choose between two modes for matchmaking: ELO and Gamepass.

  • Energy Deduction: When a player decides to start a match in either ELO or Gamepass mode, 1 energy point is deducted from their total energy.


  • Automatic Refill: Energy points will be automatically restored at a rate of 1 point every 30 minutes.

  • Purchase Option: Players also have the option to buy energy packs using real money.

  • Ad Watch: Another option for players to refill their energy is to watch ads.

Note: Automatic refill occurs only when the player's energy is less than 10.


There is no cap on the total energy points a user can have. Players can accumulate energy points without a maximum limit, providing flexibility and extended gameplay opportunities.

The Underground Waifus In-Game Shop, Ads System, and Energy System work together to offer players a variety of options to enhance their gaming experience, whether through purchases, ad interactions, or energy management. Enjoy the benefits and opportunities provided by these systems as you progress in the world of Underground Waifus.

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