Underground Waifus is a multiplayer TCG (Trading Card Game) based in a cyberpunk universe, where 9 factions fight to dominate territories in a post-apocalyptic future.
The game focuses on competitiveness through PVP battles to be the best player of each season. Practice, train, and play massive tournaments to win great prizes.
The launch of the game is planned in different phases or milestones. This strategy allows for easy testing and constant updates. In this way, players enjoy the game from the very first moment, rewarding those committed to the project since its inception.
The game will be released for PC and Mobile, with free and p2e versions. Platforms such as Android and PC will be prioritized. Physical versions and complementary expansions will be launched when the game's development is more advanced to give more use and value to the tokenized assets.
Battles in realtime Multiplayer