We are thrilled to introduce an exciting new feature on Underground Waifus: the ability to transform your prized cards into unique NFTs through our Vault System. This feature allows you to mint your cards, making them exclusive NFTs. This document provides a simple breakdown of how it works, the fees involved, and other important points to note.


Follow these steps to mint your prized cards into NFTs:

  1. Visit "My-NFT" Section: Head to the "My-NFT" section on our main website.

  2. Explore the "Vault" Section: Within "My-NFT," explore the "Vault" section, where you'll find the minting feature.

  3. Choose Your Payment Method: Select your preferred payment method to cover the minting fees. You can choose to pay with Battlepass or with On-Chain GQ.

  4. Select Cards to Mint: Choose the cards you want to mint. You can mint any PAID Card, which refers to cards or packs bought through In-App purchases.

  5. Initiate Minting: Start the minting process.

Fees and Payment

  • Minting fees on the mainnet are set at 1 Battlepass or the equivalent amount in On-Chain GQ, approximately $0.5 USD. Please note that the value of GQ may vary on the mainnet.

Minting Process

  • Be patient! It takes approximately 2-3 minutes for your minted cards to appear in the "Your Waifus" section.

Important Points to Note

Once the card is minted, it becomes a normal NFT and becomes a W3 type card

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