Underground Waifus has introduced a new card priority system to determine the sequence in which card abilities are performed during a match. This system helps decide the order of play based on specific criteria, ensuring a fair and dynamic gameplay experience.


  • Primary Factor: The primary factor for determining card priority is the level of the cards. Higher-level cards are given priority over lower-level ones.

  • Secondary Factor: If two or more cards have the same level, the rarity of the cards becomes the secondary factor. Rarer cards take precedence.

  • Random Preference: In cases where cards have the same level and rarity, a random preference is assigned to determine the order of play.


  • Sequence of Play: The card priority system primarily influences the sequence of play during a match. It does not impact calculations or final round results.

  • Special Case: Cancel Hab (Cancel Ability)

  • Cancel Hab Functionality: The card priority system does have an impact in the case of Cancel Hab. Cancel Hab has the ability to cancel the abilities of other cards.

Example Scenario: For instance, if User 1 possesses Cancel Hab and User 2 has Fury, and User 2 has a higher priority, then Cancel Hab from User 1 won't work on User 2's Fury. This is because User 2's Fury will be played first, and by the time User 1's Cancel Hab gets the chance to activate, it won't have any effect, rendering it canceled.


The introduction of the card priority system adds strategic depth to Underground Waifus matches by influencing the order in which card abilities are executed. Players should consider the level and rarity of their cards to maximize the effectiveness of their strategies. Additionally, the interaction with Cancel Hab adds an extra layer of tactics to gameplay, creating engaging and dynamic battles in the world of Underground Waifus.

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