The game economy is real. It has its own monetary system and laws that the players themselves influence. Players use the governance and utility token to interact with major cryptocurrencies.

Tokens can be acquired from different sources such as buying Packs, NFTs in the marketplace, Game Pass Tickets, and Time Accelerators. The various methods of economic interaction:

  • Marketplace: where you can directly purchase in-game NFTs by matching them to the in-game token or other cryptocurrencies through a digital wallet previously exchanged for the native token.

  • Ads: run by companies that display their banners or interstitials to players on the platform. In both F2P and PaE.

  • Sponsored tournament: Companies can sponsor events as a means of advertising which they will sponsor.

  • Transaction commission fees: Ticket purchases, tokens, NFTs, withdrawals, staking.

  • Boosters: Direct in-game purchases such as boosts that speed up the time it takes to level up cards.

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