The faction skill is the first value between the ATK (attack) and the DMG (damage). It acts directly on the formulation of the Final Damage. The Bonus, on the other hand, is located just below the Faction Skill (HABILITY) and directly affects the Final Damage result.

We will dedicate the following section to understanding in detail all the characteristics of the different powers that affect the skills and bonuses in the game.

If we take this card as an example, we observe that it has a "-1 ENEMY ATK" the ability is something that ALL CARDS have, but it will depend on the rarity and level of the card and how good this ability is. On the other hand, we also note that it has a BONUS, which is PUNISH: 4

IMPORTANT: HABILITY and BONUS are applied after the core Power calculation has been done. Sequence :

  • Firstly the core power calculations are done for the priority card and then the other Secondly abilities (HAB and Bonus both) calculation of the Priority card is done then for the other

  • Then Depending upon the total POWER the winner is decided and the DAMAGE is deducted from the loses Life (HP)

Priorities are based on

  • Card level

  • Card Rarity

  • if both same than random

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