In the model that we present, on the one hand, players can access and play from the first moment without buying NFT from the F2P application that will be available in the different applications and PC stores.

In addition, if they want to access the competitive mode at some point, they can do it using the same account and share the user level, and profile experience obtained.


The game allows users to collect and play with cards, which can be of three types: NFTs, Free cards (available from the start of the game), and Paid cards (purchasable within the game through In-App purchases) To ensure a seamless experience, users can use the same account across all versions of the game.

Players can switch between different decks, allowing them to experience different aspects of the game without creating separate accounts.

1. NFT Cards/Decks:

NFT cards are unique digital assets that have real value and can be owned, bought, sold, or traded by the players.

They are an essential aspect of the game, providing special features, characters, or abilities that are not available with Free or Paid cards.

2. Free Cards/Decks:

These are cards that players receive for free at the beginning of the game or through specific achievements or events.

Free cards serve as the basic cards that allow users to start playing the game.

3. Paid Cards/Decks:

Paid cards can be obtained by players through In-App purchases using real money.

These cards can be used to play the game and earn GQ (the in-game currency) but are initially non-NFT. NFTs can be minted from Paid cards through a process in the Vault on the game's website

4. Limitations of Minting

Players can buy an unlimited number of Paid cards through In-App purchases.

However, the number of Paid cards that can be minted into NFTs is limited based on the total supply of NFTs set by the developers.

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