All players have 15 energy points, which are used per round, and when the round ends, they are recharged. These are attack bonuses that are added to one or more cards. The energy multiplies the base attack, and the result is added to the base attack to obtain the total attack of this card per round.

Below, we will see an example and explanation.

We can observe that the card's all-out attack comes from the base attack's summation together with the sum of the multiple of the energy used by its base attack.

  • An example: using this base card, we observe that its attack is 6, and assuming we use 2 energy points, the final attack would be:

    • FINAL ATTACK (POWER) = 18; OBTAINED FROM: 6 + (6*2) = 18.

Now that we have learned how the formulation of the attack works, before moving on to the gameplay, we must understand the cards and their different abilities that make this formula can vary.

It would be very easy if this attack would act directly on the player's life, but the strategy of this TCG is not so simple. The opponent will choose the card with which he will perform the attack, and your selected card will face it. You know! Study your enemy cautiously, and you will achieve victory.

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